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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Complete Opposite Situation

So my last post was about how clingy my boyfriend was, but now, its like we hardly see each other. It may be because its finals week and whatever, but still! Like our schedules never meet up and its really annoying me!!!!! Like WTF!!!

But on the other hand- so this last weekend my theater program went to this big competition (which we won BEST ENSEMBLE!!!), and I kinda felt like my boyfriend was so popular and I wasn't. I couldn't tell if it was him just being preoccupied or him ignoring me... it probably wasn't anything but it wasn't kind of annoying. But also, I didn't want him to be the only person I would talk to the whole weekend...

Remember: don't be like me :(

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  1. awwww but ur amazing!!!! :D
    ps: i cant wait till u post the pics up!!!!


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